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eShiksa brings a Digital platform
to make Your Institute paperless and
cashless with a wide range of services.

ShiksaPay Parents/Students can make

Manage you institute’s fees with

the fees payment from anywhere and
anytime using multiple payment options.

Parents, Students, and Teachers.

branded Education Service App for

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eShiksa Service Management Portal facilitates smooth management of educational affairs of an Institute.

No need to worry about the minimum software requirements.

User-Friendly Interface.

In App Messaging System.

Get your own branded Mobile app.

Get Your own web portal

Free Online payment gateway.

Biometric Attendance

User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills Elimination of people-dependent processes
Get connected to the Education Institute effectively and easily Complete update on child’s performance
Cost-effective solution for Education Institute management No manual maintenance of fees collection register


Starting with eShiksa is very easy and simple..You can just follow these steps and its done.


Go to www.eshiksa.com and register to inst.eshiksa.com


Fill in your details and get started.


Your web and app portal will be ready for the use. You can start using the platform.


Users receive their credentials and start using the features.




Shiksa Pay is a flexible system where in the Institute can manage different categories of fees and can manage all the needs of the Institute with related to fees collection.


Standard Module is a module through which you can easily manage the exams, attendance, library, hostel, HR, transport, time table,gallery,circular and many more.


With this module you will get the full package of our student management services from attendance to homework, admission to transfer certificate and many more.

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Unveil 30+ modules that’ll make your institute a cashless and paperless management



eTracki: Bus Tracking services

Safe and effective transportation of students is one of the key challenges for any institute and institute's administrators seeking to more effectively manage student transportation. And they are increasingly turning towards tracking systems which helps them efficiently to manage bus routes, monitor drivers and ensure child safety. eTracki tracking service is your own child’s security platform. It offers Real-time Tracking system and Mobile Application which provides unique cost-effective quality solutions to parents, schools, and institutes. It is an App to App based tracking services which helps you to locate your child whenever and wherever you want. eTracki also provides you…

Online Payment System

Online Payment System of Eshiksa provides a fully atomized and secured payment system for Educational Institutions. Nowadays it’s essential for every organization to be well equipped with technology to have a cutting-edge over competitors. With Eshiksa Online payment system, we eliminate your stress of integrating with different payment methods. It’s a one-stop integration for entire online payment handling. A simple integration with Eshiksa Online Payment System will help you accept online payments through Debit Cards, Credit Cards & Net Banking. Not only this, but it also eliminates the follow-up process for fee payments. Here’s how it works - Step one…

Why do you need ERP Software for your School / College?

In today's agile environment, technology is evolving at a rapid speed leaving behind the traces on every industry, contributing to a better life. The educational industry is the largest contributor to this growth. Education is what makes human different from apes. It helps in self-development and gives opportunities to exposure. Schools build the foundation in every child's life and a parent always chooses a school wisely for the child. Every school is different in terms of management, methodologies and routine, but what's common is the motive to build a strong foundation in every child. To assist schools for achieving their…