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Why do you need ERP Software for your School / College?


In today’s agile environment, technology is evolving at a rapid speed leaving behind the traces on every industry, contributing to a better life. The educational industry is the largest contributor to this growth. Education is what makes human different from apes. It helps in self-development and gives opportunities to exposure.

Schools build the foundation in every child’s life and a parent always chooses a school wisely for the child. Every school is different in terms of management, methodologies and routine, but what’s common is the motive to build a strong foundation in every child.

To assist schools for achieving their motive without any supplementary workload, Eshiksa has designed an Educational ERP System for Institutes. It’s a fully automated system that helps in managing the entire overhead administration of an educational institute for it to function with ease.

With a lot of surveys based on experiences of educational institutions like Schools and Colleges, we’ve observed the areas that lead to setbacks of these Educational institutions from their smooth functioning.

This Educational Management System is a smart tool which can be integrated with your institute and shall put an end to all your struggle with the overheads which includes –

Administrative Work
Data Security Issues
Fee Management
Expense Handling
Human Resources
Performance Tracking of Students
Attendance Management of Students
Bridging the communication gap between Parents and Teachers
News Management

We at Eshiksa, aim to provide a fully automated assistance to all the

Educational Institutes. We empower you for a hassle free administration and management process of your Institution.

You could visit our website for further details and can write to us at

http://eshiksa.com/ for collaborations.

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