eShiksa is a start up with a mission to provide unique features and services to the Education Institutes which results in Technological and economical growth of the Institute. eShiksa was founded in 2013 to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to education Industry. eShiksa is one of the solutions in this way forward where we propose to provide innovative and cost effective Education Management service to the Education Institutes. eShiksa is an education management portal that facilitates smooth management of educational affairs of an Institute. The portal helps educators to manage, analyze and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. It covers all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, academic and accounting activities. eShiksa provides the parent/student a single window for viewing various reports on the academic front and also paying all kinds of school/college fees online.

Using eShiksa education management portal, the education Institute will be able to manage different aspect of the Institute smoothly and effectively. In today's scenario mostly both the parents are working or living far away from the institution and it's practically difficult for them to visit the Institute personally for monitoring or payments for their wards. Our parent login module will enable the parents to review their wards performance and also make online payments for all types of fees of the education Institute.

We are a Angel funded company by active Investors who are keen on the Education Sector and have huge amount of experience in realtime solutions and transaction Business.


eShiksa team is comprised of well-experienced and competent professionals possessing the right knowledge and expertise in the service industry, bringing about a quality upgrade in serving and catering to the changing needs of clients.
Our team is dedicated to provide you best of the class service. Our team works day in day out to ensure we keep on upgrading our products.

Our Mission:

  1. be respectful and honest to the customer.
  2. go beyond the call of duty to the satisfaction of the customer.
  3. serve best quality and services.
  4. make seamless communication with the customer and our internal team


eShiksa development and management is taken care at the Jaipur office of the company. We have presence in Rajasthan, Kolkata, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh as of now. We will be soon starting operations in more and more geographical locations.

Our Vision:

We want to be an organization which delivers unique, innovative and cost effective solutions and services through technological and economic benefits to its customers globally.



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